Good for the Game

Grassroots sport is the glue that holds local communities together: the club matches, the school finals, and the local rivalries that bring supporters to the sidelines every weekend and nurture the next generation of Kiwi sporting stars.

The professional sports era has done a lot of great things for New Zealand. It’s helped to fulfil the ambitions of our sportspeople, and has given them the chance to excel on the global stage. But we also need to make sure that the connection between communities and their local clubs, schools and teams remains strong.

Thank you to all the photographers who have contributed to Sideline.Live. Your great photos help us capture all the energy and excitement of grassroots sport from around New Zealand.

At Sideline.Live, we connect supporters to the grassroots sport taking place in their communities every week. When you can’t make it to the game, you can watch on our platform, live or on demand, wherever you are in the world, on any device. We show all teams and all games. And we show all codes as well.

We believe that the health of our sports - and our communities - depends on building support from the bottom up. New Zealanders love sport. This is our way of showing our love for the grassroots heroes who keep our games alive on fields around the country week after week, season after season.

We believe in grassroot sport


All sports, all teams.
all games.

We work with clubs and schools to livestream the games that matter to them - not just the ones that draw the biggest crowds. We support all clubs, teams and schools, no matter their size. And we stream all sports. That means more teams, more games, and more of the action supporters want to see.


Be there for your team.
Even when you can’t be on the sideline.

We know how hard it is to make it to the sideline every week. Whether you’re a family member, a selector, or a supporter overseas, you never have to miss a game. And with games available on demand as well as livestreamed, players and coaches can watch the action back whenever they want.


We believe in all the people who make grassroots sport happen.

We want to celebrate all the unsung heroes. We tell the behind-the-scenes stories traditional platforms overlook. It’s our way of saying thank you to everyone - the coaches, the administrators, the refs and half-time orange choppers - who keep the games we love alive, week after week.

We grow the local game


Every time you watch, you pay it forward for your team.

Without all the coaches, the refs, and the mums and dads sizzling sausages, there wouldn’t be grassroots sport. To help them keep doing what they love, we share the proceeds from our platform with the organisations who stream on it. So every time you watch, you’re paying it forward for your team.


We put clubs and schools in control of their own content.

We don’t think it’s right that clubs and schools struggle to give their supporters access to all the games they want to show. We put them in control of their own content. We also work with them to create their own livestreaming channels. That way, you get to see more of the teams you love.


We connect communities to grassroots sports

It wasn’t so long ago that local games and rivalries brought local people together. We want to help connect communities with their clubs and schools - and show that great sporting moments happen and future stars emerge on fields right around the country, every week.

Never miss a game


Watch a game.
Or stay for the season.

We want as many supporters as possible to connect with the teams they love. With affordable and varied pricing, you can decide how much you watch, and when. Watch a one-off game for the price of a coffee, sign up for a whole season, or subscribe monthly – it’s up to you.


Watch anytime,
live and on demand.
Watch anywhere,
on any device.

You can watch on any internet connected device. So you can tune in whenever you’re online, wherever you are in the world.


Follow your school,
your club, your team.

We want to make it easy for you to follow the teams you love. So we’ve built a platform for everyone, big and small.